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  • In pictures: HPC meets AI - a world of possibilities

    In pictures: HPC meets AI - a world of possibilities

    A group of IT leaders gathered in Sydney for an exclusive Computerworld and Lenovo roundtable discussion about the power and possibilities of the connected world of HPC and AI. With HPC considered the engine and ‘lifeblood’ fuelling AI, the technology is no longer just in the hands of researchers and educational facilities, but is sweeping large enterprise thanks to advances in Big Data and massive computational power.

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  • ​Is big data and artificial intelligence a (r)evolution in outsourcing?

    In recent years, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) have received overwhelming attention, however the interesting – even obvious – connection between the two hasn’t often been explored. It is the combination of big data and AI working together that is now enabling business leaders to deliver new insights, efficiencies and even new functions that haven’t been possible before. This is evident in the increasingly useful role big data and AI are playing in a broad spectrum of traditionally outsourced functions such as recruitment, HR, finance and supply chain, through to security and IT.

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