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Telstra is Australia's leading telecommunications and information services company and is one of the best known brands in the country. Telstra offer a full range of services and compete in all telecommunications markets throughout Australia, providing more than 8.8 million Australian fixed line and 10.3 million mobile services, including 7.2 million 3G services.

Core Competencies

Telstra's main activities include the provision of:
• basic access services to most homes and businesses in Australia
• local and long distance telephone calls in Australia and international calls to and from Australia
• mobile telecommunications services
• broadband access and content
• a comprehensive range of data and Internet services (including through Telstra BigPond®, Australia's leading Internet service provider)
• management of business customers' IT and/or telecommunications services
• wholesale services to other carriers, carriage service providers and ISPs
• advertising, search and information services (through Sensis, Australia's leading directory and search company)
• cable distribution services for FOXTEL's® cable subscription television services.

Contact Details

Office of the CEO
Locked Bag 5639
Melbourne VIC 3001

Residential: phone 13 2200
Business: phone 13 2000

Enterprise & Government: phone 13 2253

Mobile products, sales, faults, complaints: phone 125 111

BigPond products, sales, faults, complaints: phone 13 7663