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Kofax plc was founded more than 20 years ago and provides solutions that manages the capture, transformation and exchange of business critical information arising in paper, fax and electronic formats. Kofax has a global network of more than 1,000 partners and resellers, 10,000 customers worldwide and its own sales and service organizations in the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA. Kofax customer areas include financial services, government, business process outsourcing, healthcare, supply chain and other markets.

Core competencies

Kofax addresses the following needs:

• Scales from high volume, back office document capture using production scanners, to transactional, front office “on-boarding” of documents using familiar equipment such as digital copiers, desktop scanners and fax systems;

• Transforms business documents into structured electronic information by automatically classifying documents and extracting data from paper, fax, handprinted and handwritten forms, invoices, checks, correspondence and any other document type on a single platform;

• Coordinates and exchanges information among devices such as MFPs, phone systems, email, fax, SMS, MMS and voicemail;

• Processes business critical data for archival, mailroom, records management and transactional applications such as invoice processing, contracts, proof of delivery, claims, loan origination and portfolio management;

• Provides real-time performance metrics on the operational health of the capture system, high availability and disaster recovery for mission critical implementations and remote, real-time management of system performance to meet throughput requireme


kofax offers services such as; Software, Solutions, Services, Support and Distribution.

How to buy

Contact Kofax Australia at: +61 (0) 3 8807 9924

Contact details

Kofax Australia Pty Ltd.
Norwich House
Level 7, 6 O'Connell Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: +61 (0) 2 8916 0200
Fax: +61 (0) 2 8916 0299

Kofax Australia Pty Ltd.
Suite 246-248, Level 2
1 Queens Road
Melbourne, Victoria 3004
Phone: +61 (0) 3 8807 9924
Fax: +61 (0) 3 8807 9928