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Information Builders offers Web Business Intelligence Solutions and has more than 1,400 employees and over 12,000 customers worldwide. It also has over 350 business partners and 47 offices and 26 worldwide distributors. For more than thirty years, Information Builders have been focused on bringing information together so business users can access and understand it.

Core competencies

Information Builders' two core competencies, business intelligence (BI) and integration, are built on a common architecture and infrastructure that evolved organically rather than through acquisitions and mergers. This common platform and architecture ensures all of your information systems needs are covered from data inception (collection, quality, and movement) to information delivery (reporting, analysis, and distribution).


Information builders offers:

Performance Management solutions that tie strategic intiatives to operational performance through real-time metrics and dashboards.
Business Intelligence solutions that enable everyone to interact with information, from analysts with complex slice-and-dice requirements to non-technical users without training.
Search solutions that unite structured and unstructured content and make it easy for end users to find information they need.
Integration solutions that streamline processes using every kind of data, application, and middleware Industry solutions that bring together multiple technologies to solve specific business problems.

How to buy

Call +61 (1800) 819 030 or Email:

Contact details

Information Builders Sydney
Level 25 - St Martins Tower
31 Market Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone +61 (2) 8223 0600 Fax +61 (2) 8223 0699