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The Art of Service


The Art of Service is an IT Service Framework Company offering client focused Books, Toolkits and online and classroom Education Programs. The company is a IT specialist and clients are mainly from the IT Service Management community. The Art of Service served over 800 corporate clients and 500,000 individual clients and students in 87% of the world’s countries.


Some of their products include:
Service Management Machine
A Service Management Machine helps clients to achieve their individual business goals and objectives.
Some common tactics included in many Machines include:
- Strategy and Planning
- Market Research
- Service Management Integration
- Process Design
- Process Documentation
- Marketing
- Public Relations (PR)
- Advertising
- Event Marketing
- Rollout Support
Reality Service Management
Outsourced Service Management Department
Service Management and Management Consulting Services
The Art of Service University

How to buy

Customer Service
The Art of Service
level 1, 50 Commercial Road
4006 QLD, Australia
Phone: +61 7 32522055
Fax: +61 7 33196172

Contact details

Mailing Address:
GPO BOX 2673
Brisbane, QLD 4001

Email: service (at)
Phone +61732522055 / 1300134499
Fax +61733196172

Head Office Australia:
level 1, 50 Commercial Road
Newstead, QLD 4006