Computerworld Live Webinar | Deep Dive_How to Modernise the Datacentre to Cut Complexity and Cost

The traditional approach to enterprise IT has required dedicated compute, storage and networking infrastructure - and siloed teams to manage it all. But the silos created by traditional datacentre infrastructure often present barriers to change and progress, adding complexity to every step from ordering to deployment to management. Recognisably, this approach is no longer feasible as companies look to modernise the data centre. As a result, many IT leaders are discovering the benefits of hyperconvergence infrastructure to knock down silos, and solve a number of data centre pain points including high costs, poor performance and data integrity issues. No doubt, IT executives are increasingly turning to the latest data centre technologies that support extensive digital transformation projects while improving operational efficiencies. Join Computerworld Australia and Nutanix for an exclusive webinar to learn how the data centre infrastructure market is undergoing dramatic change and what it means for business, as well as how to simplify data centre operations and remove complexity around deployment and management.

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