Stories by Rohan Pearce

AmigaOS 4 developer interview: Why it endures and what the future holds

The Cult of Apple is well known. People are not shocked to see massive lines outside Apple stores in the lead-up to the latest iDevice launch. But before that there was the Cult of Apple, back when the company was still Apple Computer Inc. there was the Cult of Mac, whose members, in the face of overwhelming Wintel dominance, doggedly refused to let go of what was then considered a doomed platform.

BYOD 101: Creating a BYOD policy for users

Bring your own device (BYOD) is already a reality. Ninety five per cent of the 600 IT and business leaders in the US surveyed for the latest Cisco IBSG Horizons Study indicated their organisations permitted employee-owned devices in the workplace.

End of the road for Cisco's Cius tablet

It's the end of the line for Cisco's Android-based Cius tablet, the company's OJ Winge, senior vice-president, TelePresence Technology Group, revealed in a blog post last week.

BigPond GameArena, Games Shop hit by hackers

Telstra's BigPond GameArena and Games Shop sites have fallen victim to hackers who may have obtained BigPond games usernames, email addresses and the encrypted passwords of up to 35,000 users.

Alternatives to Raspberry Pi you can get right now

Sure, of course you want a Raspberry Pi, be it for running a media centre, teaching computer science, home automation experiments or just for the hell of it. Unfortunately, a few hundred thousand other people also want one — join the queue!

Is internet porn bad for teen health?

A study by Australian researchers at the University of New South Wales and the University of Melbourne indicates an association between internet pornography and the sexual health of teenagers, with a review of literature in the area finding a strong correlation between teenage consumers of online porn and risky sexual behaviour.

Spotify music streaming hits Australian shores

Spotify today launched in Australia, with its base level offering delivering unlimited free music streaming for free. The internet-based service has struck deals with Warner Music Australia, EMI Music Australasia, Universal Music and Sony Music Entertainment to offer tracks from their catalogue of songs.

What's at stake in Oracle v. Google?

The stakes in Oracle's lawsuit against Google over Android are high for developers, with the recent finding by a jury that Google infringed Oracle's Java copyrights by, among other things, implementing Java's application programming interfaces (APIs] for Android.

HP unveils Ethernet-powered thin client

HP has unveiled an all-in-one thin client capable of being powered by an Ethernet cable. HP claims the t410 AiO is the first all-in-one thin client that supports the 802.3at Type 1 Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard, which means it is capable of drawing its power from a network connection.

Open Source Spotlight - Yabi: Bringing drag-and-drop to supercomputers

Supercomputers are powerful tools for scientists. They are also very expensive, so wasted time can mean a lot of wasted resources. But making the most efficient use of them is not the easiest proposition in the world; it's not just a case of clicking a button to analyse a protein. However, fitting out the world of supercomputers with a user-friendly, web-based interface is the focus of an open source project based at Western Australia's Murdoch University.

Syllable chalks up new release

Syllable, an attempt to write a desktop-focused operating system from scratch using best practices, has notched up a new milestone, with its developers releasing 0.6.7 today.