Stories by Rohan Pearce

Flaw in NSW’s iVote platform confirmed by researcher

A security researcher has confirmed that the version of New South Wales’ online voting platform, iVote, employed during the 2019 election contained a vulnerability that potentially allowed the creation of false decryption proofs for ballots.

Google says ACCC location data privacy claims ‘cherry-picked’

A lawsuit filed by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says that Google has made misleading claims about the use of location data by the Android operating system. However, Google retorted today at a Federal Court case management hearing that the ACCC is ignoring important context to the Android settings at the heart of the case.

WA government expands police drone fleet

The West Australian government has announced WA Police will train up to 60 drone pilots over the next two years as it adds up to 35 new remotely piloted aircraft to its fleet.

Defence wants AI to be part of the team

The Department of Defence is seeking to fund research into the interaction between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) systems, with an eye to better integrating AI into decision making by military analysts and commanders.

ACCC lodges appeal over TPG prepayment ruling

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has filed an appeal over a Federal Court decision handed down in October that dismissed ACCC claims that TPG engaged in misleading conduct.